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Gary was interviewed in French by Aurore Le Helloco in October 2023 for Radio France Bleu about his new book “La Normandie, un Fantôme et le Pape: l’Aventure d’une Vie".
Judi Spiers of BBC Radio interviewed Gary about his new book "Always Room for One More" on 14 March, 2013. Enjoy listening to this interview full of insight and humour.
Joe Talbot of BBC Radio also interviewed Gary on 14 March, 2013 about his latest book, but also spoke in depth about the late Sir Patrick Moore. Enjoy this fascinating interview.
On 17 February,2011 Gary was interviewed by Judi Spiers of the BBC radio about his book "Stars, Staterooms & Stowaways" whose royalities help to fund the Hanalei Animal Sanctuary. This 30-minute interview is full of entertaining questions and answers and can be heard by clicking on the following icon.