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  • "Stars, Staterooms & Stowaways : anecdotes from a colourful career in cruising". Gary's award-winning book published in March 2010. The royalties from this book go to Gary's animal charity in northern Italy the Hanalei Animal Sanctuary ONLUS.
    It is available in major bookshops in the U.K. as well as on the internet or contact Catherine Beattie at discoverybooks@ntlworld.com
  • Stars, Staterooms & Stowaways
  • Gary’s new book is called “Always Room for One More: an animal sanctuary’s happiest tales”. As with his first book “Stars, Staterooms & Stowaways”, all the royalties from the sales of the book go directly to this animal charity that lives by that creed : “there will always be room for one more”. It relates the stories of many of the creatures that have found a loving home at this mountaintop refuge in northwestern Italy. Sir Patrick Moore, the famed British astronomer, writer and broadcaster wrote the preface to this book and said of it: “Gary’s love of animals comes through in everything he has to say. He writes very well and has great stories to tell. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and feel sure you will too.” Tragically Sir Patrick passed away on the day the book was published, but all of us at Hanalei will be forever grateful to this legendary British animal-lover for his support and touching foreword. Copies may be purchased through Discovery Books in the UK by contacting Catherine Beattie at discoverybooks@ntlworld.com
  • Always Room For One More

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    The Real Noah's is Found The Real Noah's is Found

Plays : (NB: all 3 stage plays are available in English, French or Italian and require small casts and minimal sets and costuming. They are available upon request).

  • “It’s All in the Stars”
    A gay astrologer and his lover concoct a way of becoming millionaires just by using the stars. There is also a wonderful role for an actress who is capable of playing a plain-looking, yet very peppery American.
  • “At Twilight Time”
    An ideal showcase for 4 veteran actresses and 2 supporting actors. This play takes place in an Oxfordshire nursing home where the discovery of a fellow resident’s serious illness gives the other 3 women something to live for. This is a very, very funny play, with, as one can imagine, many touching moments as well.
  • “Excess Baggage”
    This comedy for four strong actors deals with the troubles the over 40’s have in forming new relationships whilst having to deal with their meddling mothers.
  • “Curtain Call” (Radio Play)
    A young dancer tries to save the ballet company he has starred with and finds love along the way.


Short Stories (Available in English and French upon request)

“Uncle Arthur”, “And a Happy New Year”, “Gone, but not Forgotten”, “All that Glitters”, and “A Little Rusty” (children’s story).